Flama is coming

Framework for Lightweight Applications and Machine-learning Automation

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🔊 We are very proud to announce that in the coming weeks, one of the most exciting projects we've been involved in so far will be seeing the light with the release of its first official version: Flama 🔥 (v1.0) 🚀

Flama 🔥 is a #datascience oriented #python framework designed to rapidly build modern and robust #machine-learning (ML) APIs. The main aim of this project is to make the deployment of ML APIs ridiculously simple, reducing the entire productionalization process to a single line of code. This project will provide a quick and clean solution to one of the main bottlenecks #datascientists have to face on a daily basis.

In short: 🤖 + 🔥 = 🚀

👀 Stay tuned for more information